Straight Intentions
Photo-documentation of an intervention
work in progress

The pictures were made on a 4x5 large format film camera.

Dusk is falling and Maxim decisively enters a forest. The outrage of life that is hardly possible to comprehend wholly surrounds him. This is the territory of wild, willful and multiform nature. Armed with a precision building instrument the artist dissects with a laser-light the uncountable barriers that obstruct his way.

Factually being a performance, its photographic documentation appears to be richer in its meaning than its direct witnessing. The night long exposure reveals the contrast between the unrestrained dynamism of a living forest and the stasis of a laser grid cutting the chaotism of life into rational, rectangular, counter-natural quadrants formed by the strictly horizontal and vertical lines. The simple and exact form creates a virtual horizon, and the world in the perception of the viewer becomes divided into smaller parts.

The phototgraphs shown here are the sketches visualising the project’s formal development

The pictures were made on a digital camera.

The pictures were made on a 35 mm film camera.