Water and Dream

Water and Dream is a an experimental project about the plasticity of memory inspired by the impressionist paintings.

This is a river on the outskirts of a morning city. On the background there is an oil-refining factory. The impression about that morning got fixed on 133 separate prints, and each of them is unique. Transforming in the consciousness, the memory about that morning works wonders. The city is spilling and boiling up: at one moment it is turning into a forest, at another — into aurora borealis. What is this: night fantasy, daydream, reminescence or morning delusion..?

Although each of the 133 pictures is different, all of them were printed from one and the same photograph. Due to the technical pecularity of the devised process, the printing is not completely under control of the author. The waters of the Heraclitean river are literally overflowing the pictorial dimension and washing the pictures away. When printing every separate image, the artist tries to make some details clearer, as if he was making efforts to remember something from the past. What remains certain is only the general impression of the morning river.

Exhibited in the Museum of Moscow

Installation view in the Museum of Moscow, 2016