This work is devoted to the talented children — the winners of the All-Russian School Competition in Astronomy.

The competition took place in March 2017 in Smolensk. The brightest of the smartest were photographed by me straight after the awarding ceremony.

To photograph them I attached a film camera to the front lens of a flipped telescope, so that in the space of a 35 mm photographic frame they became lost as tiny dots.

After that I put the negatives into a microscope and looked
for those boys — literally, the becoming stars of sience. The found children appeared as events of galactic scale

On photo:
Photobook — 192 pages
Diptych (left and center prints): 150 x 100 cm each
Print on the right: 3 x 4 cm

The display of physical works with three gelatin-silver prints of various sizes and the photobook.

The far left print represents the straight photograph from the 35mm negative that was attached directly to the telescope.
The print in the middle represents the enlarged photograph of Eugeniy Boytsov obtained via a microscope. The left and the middle prints are from the same original negative.

The print on the right portrays the absolute winner of the competiton — Ilya Chugunov.

Awards and Exhibitions:
  • Winners, personal exhibition, Cosmos pavilion, VDNH, Moscow, Russia (2019)
  • Winners, personal exhibition, Buksir Gallery, Lipetsk, Russia, Moscow, Russia (2019)
  • Photobookfest Dummy Award: honourable mention and exhibition, Moscow, Russia  (2018)
  • XX Bienal de Cerveira, main programme, exhibition, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal (2018) 
  • Creative Review Photography Annual: winner, printed publication and exhibiton,TheSiding, London, UK (2017)